Coinbase apologizes for failures in customer service | Business

Coinbase, one of the largest international crypto exchanges, apologized to its users and pledged to improve its customer service last Friday (15). Many complaints from users about difficulty accessing their accounts go viral on social media. In times of strong movement in the cryptocurrency market, the broker finds himself having a large number of requests … Read more

Chrome 88 removed Flash Player, removed FTP and checked the search tab | Application and software

O Google has launched the stable version of Chrome 88 This Tuesday (19). As expected, the browser removes Adobe Flash Player, supports FTP, and brings other security improvements. The browser also experimented with finding tabs to improve the experience of users who tend to have multiple tabs open simultaneously. Google Chrome (Image: Nathana Rebou├žas) After … Read more

LG considers abandoning cell phones after billionaire losses in this field | Mobile phone

THE LG could abandon the mobile phone market after the billionaire lost money in the smartphone business. According to the Korea Herald This Wednesday (20), the Korean brand plans to make big changes in the smartphone business. In a note, the company stated that it considered “all possible measures”. LG K62 + (Image: Darlan Helder … Read more