Caixa Tem will be used to pay compensation Dpvat | Application and software

Caixa Tem, an application created by emergency assistance, also started serving the release of traffic accident claims. Along with that, the amount paid by Dpvat (Personal Damage caused by Motor vehicles on land) will be available in Social Savings Digital, managed by the application.

Caixa Tem (Photo: Tatiana Vieira / Tecnoblog)

Caixa Tem (Photo: Tatiana Vieira / Tecnoblog)

The change occurred due to a contract signed between Caixa Econ├┤mica Federal and Susep (Director of Private Insurance), affiliated with the Ministry of Economy. The agreement identifies Caixa as responsible for managing Dpvat resources and for the payment of claims for claims occurring as of January 1, 2021.

Claims for damages can be made at bank branches from Monday (18). The company also announced that it will soon release an application Dpvat Caixa, which can send documents via mobile phone and make it on demand without going to the actual agency.

In both service options – branch or application – the bank plans to present the results of the claim within 30 days. If the request is approved, this amount will be issued by Poupan├ža Social Digital at Caixa Tem on behalf of the accident victim or their beneficiaries.

What is Dpvat

Dpvat is compulsory insurance paid by the driver to cover private medical expenses incurred in a traffic accident. Compensation can be released in cases such as overtaking, vehicle collision and collision with physical obstacles (eg columns or walls) without error found.

In addition to reimbursement for medical expenses, Dpvat also compensates for death or permanent disability. Amount paid by the insurance to the driver, passenger or pedestrian, Brazilian or foreigner who was the victim of the crash. The agreement between Caixa and Susep does not change the terms of compensation.

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