Every cell phone made in Brazil will have an FM radio, the minister promised | Brazil

Communications Minister Fábio Faria was back to ensure that cell phones made in Brazil had to comply with one requirement: activate the radio. This is an old demand from broadcasters and there was a bill on the topic, but the proposal was criticized by electronics manufacturers.

Fábio Faria, Minister of Communications (Image: Alan Santos / PR)

Fábio Faria, Minister of Communications (Image: Alan Santos / PR)

“We are broadcasting on mobile”, The minister said during an event held last Friday (15). “For every phone made in Brazil, the radio is available for free without having to install it over Wi-Fi, 4G, data plan and that’s in the Economy Ministry.” Speech is discovered by TeleSynthesis.

This is not the first time Faria has made a public statement on the matter. In September, he said at an event organized by Abert (the Brazilian Association of Broadcasting and Television): “There is nothing more that we can give, to the whole sector, but first of all, to the people, to the radio. broadcasting on mobile phones, people do not need to buy data or enter 3G, 4G ”.

The minister reiterated that there was no cell phone signal in many places and 43 million Brazilians did not have access to the internet. In addition, “radio is the daily life of the locality, in many cities it is the only means of communication there”.

At the same event, Faria announced who is green light by President Jair Bolsonaro to make FM radio mandatory on mobile phones. This has not come into effect, but the ministry has been following this direction for many months now.

Phone manufacturers oppose the bill

Samsung mobile phone with headphones (Image: Photo Mix / Pixabay)

Samsung mobile phone with headphones (Image: Photo Mix / Pixabay)

In addition, we have Invoice 8,438 / 2017, TV writer and former federal deputy Sandro Alex (PSD / PR). The text, being processed by the Department, requires that all mobile phones manufactured or assembled in Brazil have FM radio enabled.

The PL has been stalled since 2019, when it experienced some state commissions; it is being dealt with decisively, ie it doesn’t need to go to plenary session for approval. He then has to go through the Senate, in order to eventually get a punishment or veto from the president.

This proposal does not please Abinee (Brazilian Electrical and Electronics Industry Association), where Samsung, Motorola, LG and Apple are some of the affiliated companies.

In 2019, in the process of handling PL, protected entity that this violates the principle of free enterprise and the “assumption of freedom to conduct economic activities against abuse of regulation”. This will be “intervention in companies’ strategies, their portfolios and their creative freedom”.

In addition, Abinee hinted that this requirement is not necessary, as about 80 and 90% of smartphones sold in the country are already FM-compatible, according to Abert himself. This mainly includes inputs and intermediate equipment; The biggest exception is for high-end models like the iPhone, Galaxy S, and Galaxy Note.

“Some devices that do not have an FM radio are low volume models, prioritizing other features,” the statement said. “However, these users will always have the option of listening to their radio via streaming.”

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