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O Google it has been almost two months without updating several apps for iPhone and iPad, including Gmail, YouTube, Maps and Chrome. They get the update before December 8, 2020, the day Apple starts asking developers to display the types of data collected on the App Store.

App Store warns that Google has not provided privacy details (Image: Copy)

App Store warns that Google has not provided privacy details (Image: Copy)

O Tecnoblog checked this Tuesday (19) that, out of 63 apps published by Google on the App Store, only 5 have a privacy “nutrition sheet”. These are: Google Authenticator, Translator, Play Movies and TV, Smart Lock and Classroom.

They collect a variety of user data, as expected. For example, for Google Translate, the app can get your location, contact information (email address), user content (photo), search history, identifier (user and device). ), usage data, diagnostics, and more.

It’s worth noting that it’s not necessary to update the apps to insert this privacy statement. The latest version of Google Translate for iOS was released in November, as well as Classroom.

App Store shows the categories of data collected (Image: Copy)

App Store shows the categories of data collected (Image: Copy)

The App Store requires confidential information

Each developer needs to go into detail and explain what is done with this data: whether it’s for the basic functionality of the app, for personalizing the experience, or for analytics and advertising.

WhatsApp criticized the request, saying it would give the Messaging app an undue advantage, which isn’t true – Apple’s app also needs to collect detailed data.

And Facebook has scared some users about updating this part of the App Store, as the list of collected data is huge, essentially including all the categories Apple allows for notifications.

Would Google want to avoid a similar response? THE Fast company Had speculated this a few weeks ago, but the development of apps may have stopped due to the holiday season.

In addition, the company TechCrunch which, in early January, will update the App Store privacy section for its iOS apps.

And on January 12, we did this release:

When Google iOS apps get updated with new features or to fix bugs, you’ll see updates on our app pages that include new Privacy Details. These labels represent the maximum category of data that can be collected, that is, if you use all of the available features and services in the app.

Oddly, though, the Google apps that are constantly updated on the iPhone and iPad remain the same for several weeks. And, like we said before, they don’t even need to receive the update to inform them about the privacy statement.

Google’s apps don’t detail privacy on iOS

We have collected the apps below that do not have the App Store detailed privacy section below; Note that some of them have stopped growing, like Snapseed and Google Play Music.

  • YouTube
  • Google Maps – Traffic & Food
  • Gmail: Email from Google
  • Google Chrome
  • Google
  • Google Drive – Memory
  • Google Photos
  • YouTube Music
  • YouTube Kids
  • Google Keep: notes and lists
  • Google Earth mapping application
  • Books on Google Play
  • Snapseed
  • Electric
  • Google News
  • Hangout
  • Google Home
  • Google Play Music
  • Google device policy
  • Google administrator
  • Google Docs
  • Google Sheets
  • Google My Business
  • Google presentation
  • Google Analytics
  • YouTube Studio
  • Form Viewer
  • Google Calendar: Organized
  • Google Primer
  • Chrome Remote Desktop
  • Featured story on Google
  • Google Cloud Console
  • Ivy’s mainframe
  • Google Meet
  • Socrate by Google
  • Ad Preview
  • Google Ads
  • Google Arts & Culture
  • Android TV
  • IMA video set tester
  • Gboard, Google Keyboard
  • Google Duo: Video call
  • Google I / O
  • Expeditions
  • Jamboard
  • Toontastic 3D
  • Google Chat
  • Document gallery
  • Google Cloud Search
  • Google Assistant
  • MechaHamster
  • Selfissimo!
  • FriendlyPix
  • VR180
  • Google Task: Work efficiently
  • Just a line – Draw in AR
  • Notable women AR
  • Google One

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